And now for something completely different

What we have here, dear fellows, is a new blog. I have every ambition to keep up with it a bit better than I have the past few years. The old blog can still be accessed at <>, but I am finally leaving it behind after carrying it along since 2003. I consider the old words of limited utility (apart from personal nostalgia).

The new blog engine (which I'm tentatively calling ryno) is powered almost entirely by Emacs. It's actually an elisp script utilizing the power of xmlgen.el as a templating engine. Each blog post is a lisp form that gets evaluated by another lisp form (the blog template), which is ultimately eval'd by the xmlgen macro. The linking and everything occurs statically -- I just M-x 'ryno-publish' and git commit and push. Can't complain too much about that workflow. As of this writing I do not have a comment solution in-place, but this will soon be remedied. Release early and often, right?

I apologize that this definitely fulfills the stereotype of "first blog" -- but I could do worse than to simply fulfill expectations.

2011-02-21 20:49:26